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what now for poor greace

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Re: what now for poor greace

Postby GreekIslandGirl » Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:39 am

Lordo wrote:
GreekIslandGirl wrote:
Lordo wrote:

what greace has to do is sell one or two islands to terggy and problem will be solved.

This is the ongoing pressure from the IMF for the EU to put into place the long-promised debt relief, lo::::::::ong overdue since it was exposed how much bankers were making out of the Greek people.

Your <<concern>> is optimistic .... and misplaced!

what promised debt relief. who offered it and when

look all greace has to do is sell couple of the islands thats all. its not too much to ask is it

What's the matter? Can Turkey no longer manage to invade and grab and occupy some more Greek lands to give to the sickly TCs? Do you need some more Greek-owned property to *rent out*?

Anyway, debt relief is along the lines of ....

In a strongly worded assessment, the IMF said that there was no prospect of Greece meeting the draconian terms of its current bailout plan and that interest payments on the soaring national debt would eat up 60% of the budget by 2060 in the absence of debt forgiveness.

The debt sustainability analysis by the Washington-based Fund said Greece should have longer to pay, have the interest rate on its loans fixed at 1.5%, and that its creditors should make debt relief automatic once the bailout programme ends in 2018.

“The implementation of debt relief should be completed by the end of the programme period”, the IMF said.
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Re: what now for poor greace

Postby Lordo » Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:32 am

if imf cared so much why did they not bail out greace out and then wipe her debt. it is easy suggesting what other people should be doing.

as to terggy invading another part of greace, you forget how terggy intervened in cyprus. it was your greak friends who invaded cyprus and overthrew the elected president and put a known murderer in his place, not that the president was any better he was also a known murderer but at least he was elected by stupid idiots like you.

now when it comes to terggy invading another part of greace, it can easily be arranged like. you send in a couple of thousand of your braves to cross the border near edirne to take over a few villages and then you will find out what terggy can or cannot do.

the question remains

do you feel lucky punk?
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