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Handmade Stainless Steel ROSES

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Re: Handmade Stainless Steel ROSES

Postby Pavlovskiy » Sun Jan 22, 2017 9:10 am

Get Real! wrote:Our friend here is very skillful but he needs to improve the finishing quality.

The product needs to be super-smooth if it is to be handled by women and kids.

Nobody wants a rough prickly finishing so they should be polished, with no burs, no sharp points, etc.

Also he should use some kind of acid to clean the soot around welding joins. All joins should be super-shiny with no soot visible.

Finally, after doing all the above… if he wants to experiment with special paints etc that’s an option. Sand blasting is another way to get interesting effects.

I know it all sounds like a lot of extra hard work for you but I’m afraid if you’re gonna sell they *have* to be A1 quality.

Thanks for your advice! I would like them to keep like this so they will have a "handmade" feeling. If I'm gonna make them like this how you telling me, I will need 3x more time on each and it would be impossible to keep them at low cost(20 eu is not toomuch) By the way I already sold 4 of them and all customers are amazed and happy thats what matters alot to me! I'm going to make Copper roses soon! Thanks again!
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