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Hahahaha! Looks like Pootin has to kiss Trump's arse!

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Re: Hahahaha! Looks like Pootin has to kiss Trump's arse!

Postby Paphitis » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:41 pm

miltiades wrote:
Paphitis wrote:Yep! Looks like a breath of fresh air.

A much more authoritarian USA which is going to hold Pootin accountable over Crimea!

We need an authoritarian USA to find the authoritarian Pootin. Me thinks Pootin has a lot to think about now. :lol:

Didn't you post two days ago that " Trump is a boofhead, and give 36 Embassy staff from the US Embassy 48 hours to leave Australia on the basis that Trump is a boofhead! Send a message to Trump."

Make your mind up mate, you have me all confused!!

Yep sure did!

Trump is full of surprises as he is now reading from the textbook!

As for Australia, the bonds are too strong. It will take more than Trump to destroy that relationship.

Plus they got McCain who is our best mate old Cobber!
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