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Miltiades's Anastasis

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Re: Miltiades's Anastasis

Postby miltiades » Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:56 am

On my daily visits to the cafe in Enaerios , close to my " second home" , the Enaerios pier where I fish each morning, I have made a number of friends and not least three police officers with whom we exchange innocent jokes. I did express that at times I get a little restless in ....doing nothing and also that is ...running out. They are in the Rapid Response Unit, Άμεση Δράση.
Jokingly I asked if a position was perhaps available for a young 73 year old with immense experience in issues requiring a ...rapid response, one such being in hooking a fish or running to the nearest store to restore my stock
We will ask they told me and since their boss is the son of an old childhood friend I thought my chances were promising.
A couple of days later, saw them again and gave me the good news. The boss wants me to attend an interview prompto!!
One condition though. My grandfather and grandmother must be present at the interview :lol:
Just when I imagined my self as an Άμεση Δράση officer. !
Well, you can't win them all !!
Realizing that age is catching up with you is indeed a virtue.
Still, I consider my self as the happiest and most contented man on earth. Still have my hair and my teeth are deffinately mine, have the receipt to prove it :lol:
Isn't life wonderful when you longer have to work !!
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