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Vladimir Putin decisively re-elected as Russian president

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Re: Vladimir Putin decisively re-elected as Russian presiden

Postby Paphitis » Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:22 am

You bet that is what I really believe and I am not the only person to believe this as well.

Lot's of people do. Lot's of Russians do as well. Many Russians will tell you that the elections are rigged from the get go.

The entire Russian opposition are actually Pootin/Kremlin stooges. The Kremlin controls who can run and even their campaigns except for a TV Star who criticized Pootin publicly but isn't taken seriously. Others are charged on fraud or mysteriously killed. ... tions-fair

Despite being a democracy on paper, Russia - and Putin’s Russia, in particular - has long faced accusations of staging rigged elections, with major international bodies raising concerns.

So how fair are these elections?

The Russian Central Election Commission has allowed the registration of eight nominees for the presidential election this weekend, but “none of the candidates present a real challenge and opposition to Vladimir Putin”, says political science scholar Trivun Sharma on open-access website E-International Relations.

One of the most valuable weapons in the Kremlin arsenal is its power to control who can run - and indirectly guiding their campaign. Moscow “has tried to create the semblance of competition”, says The Times, allowing other candidates to take part, but the more vocal anti-Putin voices were quickly pushed out of the race.

Alexei Navalny, a popular anti-corruption campaigner who is one of Putin’s most outspoken critics, has been barred from running as a result of a controversial fraud conviction allegedly masterminded by Putin. Navalny has called upon his supporters to boycott the election, fuelling concerns about voter turnout.

Liberal politician Boris Nemtsov was shot dead on a bridge near the Kremlin in 2015 shortly after he promoted a public rally to condemn Russia’s involvement in Ukraine. “In the absence of satisfactory answers about the murder, ever-metastasising conspiracy theories have taken hold,” The New Yorker magazine reports.

Sobchak is the only official candidate to openly criticise Putin, but her status as a former reality TV show host has led many - including Navalny - to criticise her participation, claiming she was secretly coordinating her campaign with the Kremlin as a “spoiler” candidate.

The Russian election system all but guarantees that Putin will win not only through controlled opposition, but also as the result of fraudulent ballot set-ups, according to critics.

Measurable interference on polling day is difficult to gauge, but during the regional elections in September last year, Golos, Russia’s only independent watchdog, said they received reports of voting problems in 55 regions nationwide.

The most common complaints were “violations of the rights of election observers, commission members and the media” (accounting for 21.4% of reports); illegal campaigning (13.3%); and voter fraud such as voting twice and voting in the name of someone else (22.7%).
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Re: Vladimir Putin decisively re-elected as Russian presiden

Postby Robin Hood » Sat Mar 24, 2018 9:15 am

Paphitis wrote:Bullshit he is loved.

He is more feared than anything and no one credible ever dares to stand against him because if they did, and would get any close to knocking him off the perch, then they are as good as DEAD with an isotope of 2 in their tear or is it a Nerve Agent?

Just ask any Russian of this.

You have only asked some Belorussians, They do not live under their rule. It's like asking some Cypriots of they like Greece. 80% will say they do.

He is comparable to Hitler, his rebels shoot down a Malaysian Airliner, and he denies it. He sends an navy Armada to Australian Waters during the G20 to threaten Australia and inflict maximum embarrassment whilst he is in Australia. He annexes Crimea. before that he invades Georgia and South Ossetia.

he isn't a leader at all. he is destabilizing the planet, especially the EU and he is behind Turkey obstructionist designs against the Cyprus Oil and Gas Drilling. So many people are going to find out the hard way.

Just shows that your opinion is not supported by the Russian people ........ :roll:

So the Russians hate and have a fear of Puitn? That’s not what this says!

“This terrible Russian youth” - Ivan Danilov for RIA NEWS

Translation by Scott Humor

Leading American, British, and Australian publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, the Australian, and the Daily Telegraph, almost simultaneously published materials with the same message: “A new generation of Russia chooses Putin, not iPhones. This generation is terrible, there is no hope for it.”

Similar titles for the articles of three different publications tell us that initially they were given the same task to write articles about how “teenagers will sweep Putin away.” But in the process of studying a new generation of Russian voters, something went wrong.

“Putinagers,” with an exception of some pro-Western outcasts, turned out to be not to the foreign researchers’ liking. There is a suspicion that there is a certain connection between the process of acquaintance of our Western “partners” with young Russians and how their approach to anti-Russian information policy has changed.

Previously, in the vast majority of cases, our opponents tried to stick to the classical principle of American propaganda of the Cold War era, which stated that it was always necessary to divide and put the people against their leadership, emphasizing the oppression and powerlessness of people who crave liberation from the tyrannical and cruel Soviet and then Russian leaders. However, now there is a kind of rollback to earlier primitive forms of propaganda, so Russians are often being demonized already “wholesale,” without much division on those who lead and those who vote.

Full article .........
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