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Thank You Unkie Sam!

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Re: Thank You Unkie Sam!

Postby Paphitis » Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:06 am

miltiades wrote:General, dont you think its time you fucked ofg from Cyprus forum, we ....gypsies do not like idiots such as you masquerading as " well balanced" when in fact you are by fat the most unbalanced, incosistent fucking idiot whp bores us all with all the long winded shit you post. So, why not , once again post your tombstone as you once did and clear off you imbecile..on behalf of all us ...gypsies, I say good fucking riddance.

What? You mean its not balanced to think you are a Banana Republic?

News to me Otto boy!

There are lots of nice places around the world. It's not just Cyprus you know?
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