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US removes Turkey from F-35 program

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Re: US removes Turkey from F-35 program

Postby kurupetos » Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:41 pm

Lordo wrote:
kurupetos wrote:
Lordo wrote:a plane is a plane is a plane. how long can it take to convert the skills. considering how skillful the terggggggish pilots are, i would say about a week or so should do it.

how good can they be in one of these, i bet the yanks and israelies would be worried.

Good luck landing those in Incirlik... :lol:

BTW the Russians offered to sell them Su-35, not Su-57. :roll:

Don't trust Baycrack, kuz! :lol: ... -expulsion

they could be in one of these and they are still better than the stupid yanks or anybody else

If you say so... :?
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