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a victory for human rights and freedom of speech

Everything related to politics in Cyprus and the rest of the world.

Postby Perastikos » Thu Jan 26, 2006 9:41 pm

I’m a full supporter of Orhan Pamuk and I thing what he is saying the truth.

Turkey has change but Turkey can be better.

I’ll make a comment about the freedom of speech in Cyprus.

Let suppose what I’ll start fighting the church and our education about the Christianity chaos and about the curses in our people.

I’ll have the same reaction from the fanatics.

Just like the reaction I have now to our government for the Cyprus problem.

I don’t believe what we have many different as people but I have to say what we are very much closer to European laws and rights than the Turkey.

We have the laws even if we respect them even if not.

I no many cases when Christians have burned books and aget temples ...

I’ve even remember the story about how the agent Greeks ethnikoi(12gods) slaughter Pythagoras and his school because he was have different theological and political opinions from the authority.

My point is what this is not a Turkey or Islamic problem but a world problem we must win.
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Postby akiner » Fri Jan 27, 2006 11:06 am

Perastikos wrote:I’m a full supporter of Orhan Pamuk and I thing what he is saying the truth.

Then u love to answer my good old question, else you choose to be silent like many others who are talking without proofs....
"Where are the mass graves of these victims?!" So we can dig and bring the evidences for u?!

In that respect, the real fanatic are the ones just like YOU who support an idea which serves their pre-humanic interest but not has any historical facts at its behind
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