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what exactly was wrong with the referendum 2016

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Re: what exactly was wrong with the referendum 2016

Postby Lordo » Sun Sep 15, 2019 8:41 pm

repulsewarrior my mind it was a bit of bravado. It was not meant to have significance, at the time few would imagine it could be won.

Had the result been the reverse, i imagine there would have been even greater unity among Brits, and the mandate for Britain to take a greater role in leading EU politics would have been demonstrated.

...yet, what seems obvious, from the perspective of those who appreciate the balance of power, is challenged.

no rw it was not bravado.

tory party was being torn apart since the 80s regarding the eu. who can forget bill cash and his constant attacks. there were those who just wanted to leave no matter what cost. it cost them the election in 1997 and they did not win again till 2010. as soon as they won they were at it again.
the tories had 4 grievances with the eu.
1. they wanted to remove the european human rights act and the european court of justice from the statute.
2. they wanted to remove the working week directive which restricted max working hours to 48 (people worked up to 98 hours and more before this)
3. they wanted to also exclude the new financial regulations being implemented to protect the eurozone from having any control on our financial sector.
4. not forgetting to satisfy their own fascists they wanted to be able to not pay any benefits to any migrants from the eu for 15 years. so these people would come to the country and work for 15 years before they can benefit from anything.

they thought if they blackmailed the eu with the referendum they may get these which would quieten their fascists and the issue will be closed. so cameron promised that he would get all these from the eu. in the end all he got was the eu accepted to reduce the 15 years to 7 years and of course that was not good enough.

so the reason for the referendum was simply to blackmail eu to give in. of course once they promised it they could not back out.

so this was the real reason for the referendum to stop tory party from tearing itself apart. and instead they tore the country apart. with at least one mp murdered, one polish man murdered, one bulgarian man attacked which survived and thousands of migrants abused for being for looking foreign, even those who had been in the country for decades.

the reason was not what it seemed

now we can move onto the two camps as to what was promised and how accurate was the promises.
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