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Rejoice: the establishment is almost dead

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Rejoice: the establishment is almost dead

Postby Paphitis » Sat Sep 28, 2019 8:43 am

This is what the plebs have been waiting for folks. As a remarkably rich and handsome pleb myself, I send the following message.

This is people’s power. This is the real thing not an immitation.

The people are taking over. The people are fighting back.

It has been a hard fought campaign and the other side will pull every trick in their book. Every debauchery will be inflicted on to the masses.

But the great unwashed deplorable hordes are more educated today and refuse to be slaves of the elites.

Who would have thought? The chooks are coming home to roost.

These are the principles on which the USA has been founded and in the end good will overcome evil. These are the principles on which hundreds of thousands of our soldiers innocently sacrificed their lives. Who would have thought that their fight continues to this day?

Bless the free people and all free thinkers! Bless the patriots and the “uneducated”! Bless the deplorable of which I am proudly one! :D

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