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Mitsotakis in Washington

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Mitsotakis in Washington

Postby repulsewarrior » Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:37 am's like it never happened. ... ment-42817

…despite the bad timing of the meeting, one hopes that Mr.Trump’s steady as she goes policies include a wider view of the politics at play, now that Erdogan’s efforts include, in affect, supremacy, not just “equity” with his neighbours.

Greece has a very important role, so too Egypt, and Israel, in this balance of power, because among them, they are already united on the Principals of UNCLOS, and in demonstrating their respect for them. If it were not the case, what Turkey proposes would be a tempting choice as it offers to them all, but Greece, (and Cyprus), a larger “share”. Indeed, with Libya, now linked to the issue of oil and gas, along with Cyprus, (and the Aegean), Turkey is poised to demonstrate a military capacity equal to any one of them, on these seas.

…indeed there is a personal connection between Mr. Trump and Mr. Erdogan, where both tread lightly with each other because the differences between them are great. Let’s not forget the personal letter Trump sent, the reaction; Mr. Trump does not forget. And his intentions if he feels betrayed, may change as quickly.

Mr. Mitsotakis may find, to draw the same attention from Mr.Trump, it is to offer him a moment, where he and Mr. Putin may agree, all the better if it is something the EU and the rest of the word agrees upon. What is clear, to have such comprehensive negotiations with Turkey, Greece, like the rest of those not “Turkish” must be preparing for War. The Problem, as it has become, is…
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