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You utterly criminal bastards!

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Re: You utterly criminal bastards!

Postby Paphitis » Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:48 am

erolz66 wrote:
Paphitis wrote:The US have not and will never engage in such foul play as to plunder the world into a lethal outbreak of Chinese Flu.

You seem to ignore that humans, even american ones, are not infallible. That mistakes happen. Accidents happen. Countries around the globe, including in the US, have and continue to develop new viruses and other bio weapons. Mistakes can and eventually will happen. America is not immune from this reality.

Now personally I do not think that this particular virus is the result of such bio weapon development. Such things can and do occur by other mechanisms that human engineering and that is the most likely case for this virus imo.

However the idea that the US does not and is not developing bio weapons, or that they are incapable of human fallibility because they are american is for the birds as far as I am concerned.

Sorry! they made a mistake? What kind of mistake?

So, they developed this bio agent, transported it to Wuhan and dropped the test tubes by accident?

Or was it the US Military stationed in Wuhan who did it which is what the Chinese tried to say at one point?
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