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Russians influence UK Politics .... REALLY?

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Russians influence UK Politics .... REALLY?

Postby Robin Hood » Thu Jul 23, 2020 7:50 pm

So, the Russians interfere in UK politics? This is a very interesting video and the last in a series of 4.(I have not watched the other three but this came up today on another forum and I thought it worthwhile to pass it on!) :wink:

If the Russians are trying to interfere they are not the only country trying to influence UK politicians.

A group within the Labour Party accused the party of being infested with anti-Semitism basically to destroy any support for the BDS movement and the people fell for it! This undercover report by Al Jazeera, mainly live video, says differently. It was the other way round! It was labour that was infested by Israeli’s (Zionists) and the Conservatives are just as deep into being hijacked by Israeli, even more so than by the Russian's. Putin needs to get Netanyahu and Mossad to teach him how to do it.

But you won’t see this in the Daily Telegraph or the Times ......... a REAL eye opener!
Robin Hood
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