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Is This Yet Another False Hope?

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Is This Yet Another False Hope?

Postby Lordo » Thu Mar 03, 2022 5:15 pm

Has he got a chance of winning for a start never mind delivering what he promisses.
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Re: Is This Yet Another False Hope?

Postby repulsewarrior » Thu Mar 03, 2022 6:50 pm comment posted, there.

''...yes, will he dare to represent all Cypriots as he says?

Such as it is i wish Mr. Demetriades well; i will be following closely his campaign for the proposals he will make that will find support in all of Cyprus, among all Cypriots. I am hoping that he will make his position clear as to his "Greekness" as well, because Cypriots, Greek or Turkish, know it is no different to the "Turkishness" which divides us today; an anathema to a Cypriot way.

Does he dare to say the truth? That above all, we are Individuals, that we need representation a such, without further distinctions and discrimination from our President and our State. And that, being Bicommunal, as Persons, we need Cypriot Constituencies, another level of Government, (a Greek Constituency and a Turkish Constituency, (at least)), so that as Majorities we may have an Agenda nurturing to our distinct identities, and as such we may demonstrate the Goodwill we have by recognising and respecting the special needs of the Minorities, living among us.

(And while we are on the subject, a BBF in Cyprus, what about a unified bureaucracy, talking such reform, transparent and accountable to each other, and to the Public: three governing bodies that serve the People as one, the Capitol for each Nicosia, that would be nice.)

...indeed, the corruption is the issue, and the corruption is everywhere, at the root of it, "this" elite's thinking.''

It is too early to tell Lordo.
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