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Guess: the leading cause of deaths in US children

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Re: Guess: the leading cause of deaths in US children

Postby Lordo » Tue Apr 26, 2022 11:39 am

Londonrake wrote:
Lordo wrote:So the Americans are saying they would like to see the Russian military strength reduced. Do you suppose they want this war to end soon?

Well, I personally do. But it's difficult to see how that's going to happen. Putin doesn't seem to have the face saving way out he must be looking for.

It was, after all, a Russian military invasion of a neighbouring country. No? Funny, how so many are so keen to avoid that basic reality.

Some time ago - just once - you paid lip service to your being against all aggressors. Since though TBH you have given the distinct impression to the contrary when it comes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, the majority of your posts have tended to be a catalogue of left wing anti-west stuff. A lot of it nothing at all to do with Ukraine.

Not sure where this is going. What's your pleasure? :wink:

I will not cover al of it but it is going to show that the was is not just the responsibility of Russia, there are other hands in play and and it is in their interest for the war to continue despite the children being killed. And of course they do not give a shit. On the other hand, you have Ukranians who are taking their own children so they can be killed to maximise the anti-Russian feelings.

Not all is what it seems. It is not even just military, it is also economic. The Americans will not rest till Russia is totally isolated from the Europeans trade wise to the benefit of American corporations at the expense of the Europeans.

As to my left wing anti-west posts is your interpretation. I am stating facts and if they are as you describe them it is because they are facts.
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