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International Crisis Group report

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International Crisis Group report

Postby kalamaras74 » Sat Mar 18, 2006 7:19 am

I am interested in getting the opinions of people on the recent report of the International Crisis Group's report naming Tassos Papadopoulos as the main obstacle for a solution. ... -7333r.htm

I can't believe that a group whose board includes the likes of Morton Abramowitz and Pat Cox would be taken seriously. The American media has picked up on this and is more that happy to take their findings at face value.

I mean, it is ridiculous to consider this as impartial as Morton Abramowitz sits on the board of both this organization and National Interest magazine, whose honorary chairman is none other than Henry Kissinger! I get such heartburn reading this UTTER MALAKIA and sometimes I wonder who is really pulling the strings in the American policy circles.
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