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Elections-Turkish Cypriot Participation

Everything related to politics in Cyprus and the rest of the world.

Postby Alexander » Sat May 20, 2006 6:00 pm

cypezokyli wrote:
Alexander wrote:
cypezokyli wrote:people from ex-ussr , where used by the greek state for political purposes.

i still need to see proof that the criminal rate is higher among that group.

paphos is indeed a place where the steps of integration didnot work out.

Change the record; I have not seen one post that from you that is positive about Greeks. The fact that before they arrived crime was unheard of, and now it’s rife may be more than just anecdotal proof! I think your Pontians mates have come out quite well in all this. As for the Greek state “using them”, would you have preferred they stayed put. Or better still shipped of to your friends in Anatolia? Now they really now how to integrate immigrants, ask the Kurds or Armenians.

i think tpaps way of thinking is spreading like a diseace :roll:
you know what i am thinking right now ?
that i wasted more than an hour in google to find that article in phileleftheros concerning a research that i read a year ago , about xenophobic tendencies in our schools. firstly bc phils search engine only goes 6 months back. second bc i dont believe you ever bothered to read it. and third bc people of your kind will never learn to provide evidence of what they say. just open their mouth and shout sth with ever being able to back it up. if you say sht you should have the guts to prove it. idou i rodos....

in the meantime , let me provide you one more source , about greek immigrants in the US in the beggining of this century. its from one of the most respected newspapers of greece. read it. get informed ... 2,84918604

you say i never say sth positive about greece. the reporters of ios are sth that the greeks should be proud of. visit their website you might learn sth.

let me give you sth positive that i read in the press today :
Mehmet Ali Birand

You may remember the flag controversy in April 2005, when a Turkish flag was desecrated with English swear words and left in the room of two Turkish officers and five Land Forces Academy students who were guests at the Greek War Academy.

The incident needlessly created a huge uproar.

It was a violation of all polite conduct. It was tantamount to insulting the guests in your own home. The Turkish Office of the Chief of General Staff and the Land Forces Command justifiably reacted.

The latest stories coming from Greece show that the Greek Armed Forces are not taking the matter too lightly. It appears a Greek Cypriot student was responsible for the attack. After the investigation, the student was suspended a week before he was due to graduate. It is a very severe punishment. The young student's military career ends even before it begins.

This decision shows how sensitive Greece is towards relations with Turkey. This is what really matters. ... wsid=43921

wouldnt you agree that the above is positive ? :wink:
greece has many positive things , but we never get to discuss about culture in here...

Claririty if you please. I need a Cryptologist from the DaVinci Code to decipher your response.
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Postby cypezokyli » Sat May 20, 2006 7:20 pm

i know....
"facts" is an unknown word for some people....
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Postby TheCabbie » Sun May 21, 2006 6:56 am

RichardB wrote:Cabbie
Having done the monthly Green Lanes run for many years I agree 100% with you that there is little difference between Cyoriot and Brit ex- pats.
If by going 'native' you mean learning the language and adapting to local customs then I am guilty of this. I certainly dont claim to be shocked by the actions of my countrymen. But saddened that they dont seem willing to integrate.(I must admit that this habit does seem to be particular to ex-pats in the Pafos area)
Regarding Nicosia I find that the vast majority of the people there are more than willing to accept 'foriegners' As long as they try to integrate. And I dont get ripped off as much as I do in other areas.

My point is that you'll find "Little Britains" in almost any country where ex-pats live, just as you'll find "Little Cyprus's" in other countries, people cling together for culteral and social comfort, I've met Cypriots in the UK who lived there for 40 years and couldn't say anymore than Hello and Goodbye, and they had raised a family on that! :shock: (with help from others I should add)

You point out that you prefer Nicosia as you get ripped off less, the fact that after 27 years of marriage to a Cypriot, and from what you say, trying to integrate, you still get marginalised and penalised speaks volumes for the idea of NOT trying to integrate.

During my time in Cyprus I've met many ex-pats who in the first year gushed about how great the Cypriot people were and how they didn't want to mix with Brits, they usually didn't last more than a couple of years.

Personally, I've never tried to integrate, I refuse to allow Cypriots to Hellenise (I think thats a word!) my name and insist they call me by my given name, one of my best mates of over 30 years in the UK is called Themis, I've never called him Tom or anything else, I was married to a Cypriot but realised that despite the smiles from her family, I'm an Englishman living in Cyprus, nothing more...and nothing less.

Still, horses for courses and what works for me won't work for you, if we ever bump into each other the first pint is on me, in Paphos or Kapparis of course :wink: ..I can't bring myself to pay £2.40-3.00 for a pint of Carlsberg, which is what they charge in Nicosia. :shock: :shock: :shock:
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