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Moderators Wanted

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Moderators Wanted

Postby Admin » Sat Nov 20, 2004 2:29 am

Cyprus-forum can have one or maximum two new moderators for the forums.

1) Should have at least 150 quality posts.
2) Should be able to follow the policies as they will be given to him/her. In other words the moderator can't do whatever he/she feels like.
3) Good knowledge of English is required.
4) Should be calm and should be able to accept any point of view to be posted in the forums.

Knowledge of Turkish is desirable.
Experience with phpBB or other similar forum scripts is desirable.
A time zone several hours different from Cyprus time zone is preferred.

What a moderator should do:
1) Remove posts that are clearly spam
2) Give helpful answers to members asking questions (example: )
3) Encourage participants to stay on topic
4) Split topics
5) Help Cyprus-forum to grow

What a moderator should not do:
1) Erase any post other than spam (thats my job if it is absolutely necessary)
2) Threaten members
3) Violate the forum rules

If you meet the requirements and you want to help then sent me a PM. Don't be offended if I don't agree. I am quite picky ;)
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