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The Hrant Dink Assassination

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The Hrant Dink Assassination

Postby joe » Sun Jan 21, 2007 2:15 am

Strong words from the Armenian national committee of America....rattles US State Department cage. Article and link below.....
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The Hrant Dink Assassination

Hrant Dink, a leading Armenian journalist, was murdered in Istanbul on January 19, 2007, amid a growing - and increasingly virulent - tide of Turkish government pressure to silence his writings on the Armenian Genocide.

1) Turkey continues to fuel anti-Armenian hatred

Hrant Dink's murder is tragic proof that the Turkish government - through its threats and violence - continues to fuel the same hatred and intolerance that led to the Armenian Genocide more than 90 years ago.

2) Not an isolated act

Hrant Dink's murder is not an isolated act, as Turkish leaders have described it in disingenuous expressions of regret, but rather the direct result of the Turkish government's official - and increasingly aggressive - policy of Armenian Genocide denial.

3) U.S. complicity perpetuates Turkey's denial

The Turkish government is able to maintain its denial - against all evidence and the tide of international opinion - in large part due to the U.S. Administration's refusal to speak with moral clarity about the Armenian Genocide:

-- The State Department remained almost entirely silent on Turkey's
prosecution - and persecution
- of Hrant Dink.

-- The State Department is blocking the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

-- The State Department fired a U.S. ambassador, John Evans, for speaking the truth about this crime, and is now seeking to send a new ambassador to Armenia, despite his record of having denied the Armenian Genocide.

4) A call to action

This terrible act of brutality underscores the pressing need for the United States to fully recognize the Armenian Genocide - through Executive branch action and the adoption by the Congress of the Armenian Genocide Resolution.
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