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Another video emerges of Hrant Dink killer with police

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Another video emerges of Hrant Dink killer with police

Postby joe » Fri Feb 09, 2007 5:12 pm

Another video emerges of Hrant Dink killer Samast with Samsun police

Another video emerges of Hrant Dink killer Samast with Samsun policeThe Hurriyet has obtained a second video cassette showing images of Hrant Dink's 17 year old killer, Trabzon resident Ogun Samast, chatting and smiling with security force members in Samsun just hours after his arrest there on the evening of January 20.

Some of the images show Samast being offered a cigarette in the station; there is also videotape of officers asking Samast to remove the small Turkish flag he is carrying in his pocket, after which the officers then pose with Samast behind the flag. After posing with the officers, Samast brings the flag to his forehead, kisses it, and puts it back into his pocket.

The images from this second video cassette are shot in the tea room of the Samsun Police Headquarter's Anti-Terror Bureau. The video itself lasts a total of 10 minutes and 27 seconds, and includes a number of surprising moments on it, as described above.

Though Ogun Samast himself appears frightened and nervous during the video, the security officers speaking with him appear very friendly, engaging him in casual conversation, even patting him on the back from time to time and commenting "Aslanim benim," or "My lion" to him. At one point during the video, Samast is shown a video of him that was taken on an unidentified officer's mobile telephone; he smiles with appreciation as he watches it. During the course of the taping, voices can be heard assuring Samast many times that none of the video or camera images being recorded in the police station will be released to the media, one officer even telling Samast "this is for our own archives, you understand?"
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Postby tessintrnc » Fri Feb 09, 2007 5:34 pm

Very odd - but I am sure that we will find out soon what was behind their actions, better than beating him up though! I hope that the police's actions weren't because they support what he did, when you work in any police force your personal feelings should be kept well away from the job, I hope they jail him for a very long time.
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