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Re: Desperate men of Cyprus

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Postby dms007 » Wed Dec 21, 2005 5:51 pm

angel eyes, that typical british bullshiting that you are doing.
if it werent for the bloody brits half of the world would have been a better place.
speaking of mentality the only thing that you brits know is you suck the life out of all the countries in the world and leave them after draining all the wealth.
and you call that mentality? what sort of a sick mentality is that.
look everywhere where the british had colonies, when they fucking move their asses of finally, they create discord and disunity amont the people, split them apart and create confusion.
that is the only things that you cheapstakes brits know, to smile and stab behind the back.
we dont have to thank you for anything, you have to thank us for still putting up shit like you in our country.
british, scottish, english, cock suckers ....well it does not make any difference.
fuch the bitch who calls herself the queen, fuck her upside down and fuck you too.
eat our shit angel eyes atleast then you would make your brains grow and stop talking things like this.
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Postby Simon » Wed Dec 21, 2005 5:57 pm

DMS, I am half Greek-Cypriot and half British. So I can be unbiased on this issue and look at it from both sides.

And you know what I think, you are absolutely right. The British caused the problems in Cyprus and the only thing Cypriots have to thank them for is tearing our island in half.
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Postby Mikros » Wed Dec 21, 2005 7:00 pm

I think we have changed the subject here! :) Admins where are you? :)

I have read all the posts of this topic which started before I ...have found this forum, and my comments are these:
I'm Cypriot, I lived in UK, in Germany, and in Sweden for some time, and I have visited a few other European countries as well. In all countries you will find both pretty girls and ugly owns. You cannot say English ones are worse than Cypriots and vice versa. What we have here in Cyprus is lack of communication between men and women, as someones else said above as well. You cannot say that Russian girls are sluts 'cose I met quite a few Cypriot sluts and English and German and Swedish ones too. A diffence in culture and ethics between the various countries is quite often misunderstood and mistreated.
As for the foreigners here, it's mostly YOUR mistake because before moving to another country you should have done your "study" and learn a few things about the local culture and behaviour as I did before moving to another country and if you don't like it afterwards, then you return back to your home country or move to another country that suits your culture and believes. You cannnot blame the locals afterwards. As for men and their mistresses, it is true that some married men here have a mistress as well, but it is not the majority. On the other hand, you cannot exclude that some married men in other countries with different cultures are always loyal to your wifes! As for the "vacation" girls in Ayia Napa, you cannot say that this is unique for UK or Swedish or Russian gilrs since I've seen and met quite a few local Cypriot girls behave in the same way as well, both here and in nice greek islands... :)

My 2c worth...
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Postby TheCabbie » Wed Dec 21, 2005 10:12 pm

My 2c worth...

I've lived here for 14 years, I've had a great time with girlfriends of all the Nationalities that have been slagged off in previous posts, including Cypriots and some not mentioned, I've and also had affairs with married women of several Nationalities, including several Cypriots, my "scientific" conclusion...

There's not much difference, Cypriot women moan about Cypriot men, as do Swiss women about Swiss men, and Russsian women about Russian men.. English women about Englishmen...ect, ect.

One thing I have noticed is that Cypriot women are a lot bolder than they used to be, if they fancy a bit they don't mind letting you know, witness the goings on between squaddies and Cypriot girls around Dhekelia, perhaps the originator of this thread should try and tune in to their wavelengths a bit more as when you get past the cold shoulder some of them show, there's a lot of warmth waiting to come out.
I've heard a lot of Cypriot men critisise Cypriot women for being brazen and acting like "putanas" in the last year or so, the reality is that some Cypriot men aren't equipped mentallly to deal with a Cypriot woman acting in the way they like foreign women to act.. That's their problem though.
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Postby Svetlana » Thu Dec 22, 2005 9:51 am

I know we have strayed 'off topic', but I fear more that we are getting some major polarisation of views - written more in anger than from thought, let's carry on, but not as a slagging match please.


Subsequent postings have got out of hand and have been deleted.

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