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The war against Syria

Everything related to politics in Cyprus and the rest of the world.

Re: The war against Syria

Postby Lordo » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:26 pm

Cap wrote:
Cap wrote:
Cap wrote:
repulsewarrior wrote:...a little perspective of what Syria looks like today, ... Newsletter

Repulse, my question was directed towards Lardass.
I want to know, if he felt a certain satisfaction in the death of that certain human being.
I know he loves death and blood, it's in his genes.
Lordo, you like it?
You love death don't you?
It's what makes you Turkish.
You wan't those Kurds massacred, You want Cypriots obliterated.
Tell us the truth.

you stupid boy.

Re baby Cypriot.
I can respect your obsession with the Cypriots. ( I'm also obsessed)
You wouldn't be here otherwise... You'd probably be an ISIS volunteer in the Tu** army.
Anyway, why haven't you?

you have no idea what i stand for and to add insult to injury you have no idea what it is to be a part of isis in some way.

when did i give you any reason to believe that i have a millimitre of religous cell in my body. what kind of stupid comment is that. did you learn all by yourself or did you get it learnt by th elocal priest.

but i am interested what is your relaity of cyprus. what is it you wish for.

let me guess.

you want the tcs to pack it all up,
return to their homes and join the groc as is, as a minority.
the terggish army and the guarantee to go
and of course the terggish cypriot veto to go too

am i right?
is this what your reality is?

be careful what you wish for, the terggish cypriot wil back akel every time and you wil have akel for the rest of your life as government. while the left wil back akel, the righ will never back the right wing in groc unitary state.
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