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Archeology/History Thread

Everything related to politics in Cyprus and the rest of the world.

Re: Archeology/History Thread

Postby Get Real! » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:56 am

:shock: :shock: :shock:

The great Tseri under attack by unscrupulous Strovolos rivals! :?
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Get Real!
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Re: Archeology/History Thread

Postby kurupetos » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:26 pm

CBBB wrote:
RichardB wrote:Well STUD If Homo sapiens first went to Cyprus 12000 years ago How come none have managed to find their way to Tseri yet???

Only neanderthals in Tseri.

Proves your point...

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Re: Archeology/History Thread

Postby repulsewarrior » Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:01 pm

Howarth turns somber when taking visitors to a back room for a closer look at the unblemished skull (and perfect teeth) of a deceased soldier believed to have been French. "I'm a soldier. People should see these things, I think. It's why we're here." He's a relatively old casualty by the site's standards, thought to be in his early 20s.

Doyle and head archaeologist Simon Verdegem both alluded to some public resistance as the Dig Hill 80 team sought to foster support. "Some people did say 'Why don't you let them rest?'" Verdegem said.

But for Doyle and the rest of the team, the more than 130 fallen soldiers would have found little rest as part of the foundations of a new housing estate. Instead, the remains found at the Wijtschate during the Dig Hill 80 operation will receive proper burials.

"This isn't vanity, it's a rescue," Doyle said. ... newsletter

...lest we forget
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