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How many of you really care about Syrian Refugees?

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Re: How many of you really care about Syrian Refugees?

Postby Get Real! » Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:09 am

Syrian government forces use Russian jets against ISIL ... l-monitor/

Syria should not be confused with Afghanistan where a LOCAL supply of fighters was never ending thus making a win impossible.

ISIS are manufactured and implanted in Syria by the criminal US and they’re already running out of daft volunteers and ideas. See how many ISIS are fleeing among the refugees and this is only gonna get worse when they hear that Russia is on the prowl with Hinds sweeping the countryside.

Easy pickings for the Russian military if they go after them with Hinds at night and I expect no mess whatsoever and the whole thing wrapped up in 1-2 months.

America won’t be able to keep up with the supply of her useless little terrorists (they’ve been at it for 4 years so the "Jihad" excitement is well and truly over and ISIS disillusioned) and Putin’s victory complete and unconditional.
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