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The Classic Browser... at last!

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Re: The Classic Browser... at last!

Postby Paphitis » Thu Jan 07, 2021 2:58 pm

Get Real! wrote:
Paphitis wrote:
Get Real! wrote:
yialousa1971 wrote:
Get Real! wrote:
yialousa1971 wrote:Doesn't work with LINUX :evil:

I installed and played with Red Hat many years ago... so I’m completely rusty now with Linux, but lots of articles on the Internet offer ways to run Windows programs on Linux if you consider it worthwhile… ... -on-linux/

I'm using LINUX MINT, I don't need WINDOWS! :D

Yeah, it comes in many flavors… pretty much any seasoned programmer can compile their own version.

But what’s come over you lately… incessant Windows bashing? :?

Maybe Yialousa has wisened up as to who Bill Gates is?

Hence her low ranking in the Cyprus Forum Social Credit Score! :D

I never understood this ranking… initially I thought the ones in the middle had the largest penis, until I saw Oracle next to me! :?

No it just means you and Oracle will be nobodies when the powers issue us with Social Credit Scores like they do in Chy-na.

Those at the top are the elites. The establishment or the chosen ones. Those who conform. Those at the bottom are the dissidents and naughty ones.

Gates would be top, Assange bottom. So the ones with the big dicks are either the ones on the bottom or the ones at the top - depending on your view of the world.
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