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Question about repairing time and warranty.

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Re: Question about repairing time and warranty.

Postby Get Real! » Thu May 03, 2018 6:15 pm

Sotos wrote::lol: Those are the kind of stupid excuses that you learned to say to the clients? The fools are those who buy electronics from Public and the place that you work. Worst prices, worst and slower service, worst warranty (it should be the same, but you don't honor it). And if it was a "well-known problematic model" then they shouldn't be selling it in the first place. Also, "exploding batteries" was an issue only for very few models. In the rest of the cases it is just a usual case of the battery becoming weaker and needing a replacement ... there is no "security threat" about this.

Read again...

Torto wrote:I had bought the smartphone last year(with two years warranty),the device works great,but i have start to have the problem with the battery until you cant use the device because the battery turn off(this model is notorious about battery problem) even for several minutes work and turn off completely random(it can be 80 %,it can be 70 %).

That tells us that the phone’s charging cut-off circuitry is faulty/unreliable and just as it can cut off prematurely it may also overcharge and explode.

Anything to do with bad charging/discharging is pretty serious.
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Re: Question about repairing time and warranty.

Postby erolz66 » Thu May 03, 2018 10:58 pm

RichardB wrote:@ Torto. The way I see it is, you bought a phone with a known problem. When the known problem occured you took it to be repaired. Now after approx 1 month the phone has been repaired. I don't see what else the dealer could have done. I think you have been treated pretty fairly.

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Re: Question about repairing time and warranty.

Postby Torto » Sun May 06, 2018 9:49 am

What big drama here.
So everything was solved successfully-as i received feedback and i will return the feedback too.
First,no one will buy some phone,if you know that you will have problems.
I do basic research-read several reviews(both written and video) and all say that the model was fine(I dont see what you can do more before buying a phonel).
The model work fine(both written and video reviews),you can open browsers,you can both play video and movies,the battery stands for 8 hour................And everything was correct-the power of the phone is enough and i don't have problems with this(for example at one point i open 30 pages at Chrome without any issue).
I understand the battery not last as it should be later-when you used it several weeks(4-5)-instead of 7-8 hours as it was at the beggining,it lasted only 3-4 hours(minimal brightness,gps turn off,no apps playing on background,no viruses).But even this was not fatal for me-this was ok for me,and if want more i will purchase power bank.
The problem was that even this 3-4 hours starts do diminish drastically-to 1.30-2 hours and less-the phone was turn off at 75-80 the point when the phone turn off after 20-30 minutes and even at 90 %.Even when i charging the phone,if i pay some game,the battery will turn off(original charger and cable,a try with others,the same result).

So i understood from the service(not Public) that my phone is ready and i will receive probably on Friday-i contact Public for this and later they call me that they also called and the phone is travelling and probably Friday it will be ready for pick up-when they received it,they call me.
Two hour later i received a call from them to bring the original box of the phone and all documents and i will receive replacement-i was very surprised because i thought that i will receive a repaired phone-who will send a phone(Repairing center) if it is not repaired ?
In two words-they give me to choose for a new phone for the same price-they offered me some model which include insurance-even that this model is not very popular/famous,the phone works fine and i am satisfed
-has a little better specs
-the screen is a little better even that both are IPS and this model has lower resulution
-The productivity and power is fine-i made a lot of thing without issue-i dint try games,but this model has a liitle better CPU and GPU so i dont think that i will have problems
-The battery is not a champion,but on average is 5-6 hours(Wi-Fi) which is fine for me-if i need more,i will take a power bank.
-i received a new warranty(24 months)
-This time in the price was included the insurance if i have any problems.
I hope that i will not have any issues at all but if i,this time i am prepared.
I hope that i will use it normally until the warranty expired and after this i will purchased something new(if the new models offered significantly something better).
So at the end,i am satisfied.
So some feedback from me,if you buy phone from Cyprus and especially Public:
1)Purchase a insurance if you buy a phone-they say it that it is "screen protection" or "safety net smartphone broken screen" ,but the advantage is that it not only from broken screen,but give you immediately replacement if you have any problems with phone and it is needed to send for repairmen-if you can live without smartphone or have a old one,it will be not issue for you,but for me it is.For 30 euro,it is better to have it.
If i know this,i would purchased it,but i was not informed(for this reason i was angry).
2)Repairmen here are very slow-i don't know why-if i have such problem in Europe or USA,the problem will be resolve between several hours(USA) or 2-3 business day(to test a phone about battery phone and to change the battery).Here i dont know why it takes so long-yes it is not fault of Public(they send it to manufacture in Nicosia) but with such time,it goes bad for them also.And if i am the owner i will negotiate the terms because this backfire also the reputation of Public.
3)You are not protected by the Cyprus law and consumer rights because there aren't law about maximum repairing time(yes,it cant be one year(i hope so),but the maximum time is not mention at all.The only little protection is the European directive about "reasonable time" for the repairing,but who can say what is reasonable time.
4)Be more pushy and contact offices in Nicosia-because this is the main business plus bigger completion(Amazon,Ebay,ect) they try to resolve your problem.
5)Always ask and be prepared for everything in 100 %.Yes, i know you cant know everything and when you are customer you should be informed for everything in the begging(3-4 basic sentences),but the reality is different.
6)I dont know if i buy it from other retailer(Stephanis,E-shop.........) will be different,but i think it will be the same
At the end i am happy with the final result and we all shake hands with big smile.
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