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the role media plays in elections

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Re: the role media plays in elections

Postby Paphitis » Fri Aug 16, 2019 3:46 am

Lordo wrote:
cyprusgrump wrote:
Londonrake wrote:Blah, blah.

It won’t happen. Swinson has already said they won’t accept Corbyn. Corbyn that it’s got to be him. Soubry’s saying over my dead body. Some of the Tory rebels - not a chance. The lot of them wouldn’t be able to agree on the day of the week.

And the idea of a cobbled together group of odds ‘n’ sods, without a single representative for the 17,410,742 who voted to leave the EU, unelected by the population, calling itself a “Government of National Unity” is too funny for words. But then, apparently I’m looking at “Democracy” all wrong.

BTW. Drop the slagging off, or talk to your fucking self. Which you seem to be doing most of the time anyway. :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Excellent! :D

It has been a long wait for Brexit...

...but once it happens, imagine how much fun we are going to have - going through the old posts of Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dumber and reminding them how completely fucking wrong they were about everything! :lol:

when push comes to shove you will learn how to shit inwards.

can you imagine the balls on the bitch, trying to tell labour who can be their leader. she can shove it.

here is a thought.


It's not just her though. I am not a fan of hers by any stretch but even she is better than Corbyn. :lol: And in actual fact, she is a nutter! :lol:

There are a group of Labor MPs who are more willing to vote for the Tories by crossing the floor because they think Corbyn is a dickhead. And they would be correct.

Waiting for the no confidence vote. It will be a hoot! :lol:

And Corbyn will go down like the bitch he is! 8)
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