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Recognize the "TRNC"? - Lose CY Citizenship

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Re: Recognize the "TRNC"? - Lose CY Citizenship

Postby Maximus » Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:03 am

You are such a typical Turk Bordo.

That is what they all say,

"you need to learn some real history.........boy"

Then make it up as they go along.

:lol: :lol:

The Turkish version of history (even current affairs) is the most incredulous......

But go on then, teach me some true history. :lol:
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Re: Recognize the "TRNC"? - Lose CY Citizenship

Postby repulsewarrior » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:04 am

Lordo wrote:
Maximus wrote:I dont know about that,

What I do know though is that the "TRNC" and the politics of the TC's (general) are acting as a pariah against the RoC and the majority of Cypriots respectively.

I wasnt around pre 1974, but history tells me that that is how it was pre 1960 too. just replace "TRNC" and TC with Ottoman empire and Ottomans.

boy you need to learn some true history and then speak. you sound real prize ignoramous when you say things like that. as if your history has some relevance to the true history of cyprus.

...Lordo, he was not there; in that regard give him something to think about, give us all something on which to decide ourselves.

I lived in what was called a "mixed" village, Max, and to this day every year somewhere close to Limassol they gather, these villagers to celebrate the Saint's name day, and as tradition has it they bring their own chairs. Are these people "Greeks" or "Turks"? They are a People who agree with my thinking, they represent themselves' as Cypriots, and dwellers close to the land they have cultivated together literally for hundreds of years. Call us Communists, some people use the term so liberally, call us cooperators, Great Cooperators, the stories are the same, people suffered in the village until they socialised their way of life, sustaining themselves, their village collectively; it was beautifully organised, how their trees and their wheat was harvested, a big wheel which every year was started at a different place, and where all the villagers together collected their harvest going round this circle. Those were happy days for me; so much History in all those trees.

I know Cypriots, and i must say that i know "Greeks", i know Turks who are Cypriot, but now that i try to think about it i know no "Turks", not personally at least. "Turks" like "Greeks" are hard for me to accept, that is my own prejudice, i know that. But i know that a Cypriot way welcomes loving acts as a People fiercely proud of this nature, being kind. Indeed, you will find the worst in Cypriots, too, and in effect, i think, we have come to the point where we must choose. Between "Greek"/"Turk", or Cypriot, this is the choice. And i try to speak plainly, as a Cypriot, and a Citizen of the World.

You Lordo, take the time to be brave, you are a poet, i want to believe i am not wrong about you, only in a wolves clothing, you.

And you Max remember, there is more to the story, there is a side, not "Greek"; that in affect "Greekness", is not so different to "Turkishness", let's never forget that their victims for the most part were neither (and that despite the decades, as Cypriots, still exist).
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