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Greek Cyprus. South Cyprus?

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Re: Greek Cyprus. South Cyprus?

Postby Maximus » Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:53 am

Are you aware of what is happening in Lebanon?

They are finding it difficult to buy bread. Most of them have stopped buying meat, fruit and vegetables.

This country is 33% Christian and about 60% Muslim and it is in a major crisis. They are bankrupt and the country is riddled with political instability.

Why? because they have a government that operates across sectarian lines. Most analysts point to one key factor: political sectarianism, or groups looking after their own interests.

Their parliament's 128 seats are divided evenly between Christians and Muslims !!!!

It is perceived as a highly corrupt country too and they fail to provide even basic services to their citizens.

This is the future for all Cypriots with the TC's and Turkish "solution" of "political equality" with disproportionate "shares".

Disaster, like it happened in the past.

Akinci is just another idiot repeating the implementation of thievery, disaster and unworkable problems as the solution from his electorate.

When Cyprus freed itself from TC and Turkey think, she left them for dust and progressed at an alarming rate in comparison.
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Re: Greek Cyprus. South Cyprus?

Postby repulsewarrior » Fri Jul 31, 2020 7:48 am

...not necessarily, look at Canada, look at the USA; they are both BBFs.

...and it still depends on Cypriots to demonstrate: that above Constituencies there remains the Cypriot State; their representation not as Persons but as Individuals.

Cyprus is no Lebanon.

Akinci may be an idiot; i am asking the same question to which he may yet provide an answer: is he Cypriot, or for "Turkishness"?
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