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Any good builder recommendations?

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Re: Any good builder recommendations?

Postby Paphitis » Sat Feb 12, 2022 11:14 am

Lordo wrote:lets face it you were born an idiot and you will die an idiot.

The fact that you are oblivious to the fact that there is Construction and Consultant engineers and what their functions are in a build shows just how stupid you are. You don't need an architect, all they are good for is what curtains to hang and what colour walls go with your curtains.

Even if you were building a extension if more than 50,000 k is involved you will need both engineers.

But why am I wasting my fuckin time with you when I know very well you are full of shit. back to the outback and kangaroo shagging me lad.

I have a cousin who bought a café. He wanted to refurbish it and I advised him what to do. He just ignored it because he was going to use his cousin who was a builder and he trusted him. ABout a third of the way in he agreed to pay the rest of the money to his cousin and he did not see him again on the sight.

Stupid people will always be stupid.

There are contract engineers who do the drawings. After that there is a Project Manager who is a licensed Master Builder.

The only time we consult an engineer is for clarification or to vary the design.

Other than that, you don’t see them on site at all.

Well your cousin is an idiot. The reason why you would consult a builder is because they usually employ an engineer. If they do not, they know which engineer to consult. We use the same engineer fir everything we do. If a customer doesn’t want to use out engineer, we usually don’t accept the job. There are reasons for that. We really only have 3 models and then variations of those 3 models and it’s catered for the higher end.

But we are small compared to Medallian Hones, and the like. These are big construction companies that have engineers. All you need to do is go straight to them. One stop shop.

The closest thing in Cyprus would be Leptos or Olympia. That’s the kind of builder I’m talking about. Not some backyard rta like Bambos, Mohammed or Ali Baba your cousin,

You do not consult your engineer or Architect first. If you came with your own plans to us and told us you wanted to construct a basic home and you slapped your drawings in the table, we will tell you we are busy and only do commercial stuff and show you the door. We don’t do basic or cut corners. Or build shit houses under our brand name.

Our basic is beyond your means.

Our Architect and Engineer know what we want and delivers all the time. Abd every home for us is a show piece. Lately we don’t accept private customers. We just buy the land build as owner builders under a Pty Ltd, market ourselves after holding it for a year and then sell.

We are not fir everyone. And we only do about 10 a year. And we charge what we want because the demand is there. It’s a very small to medium business. Not of the size of Leptos or Medallian. But we do employ 12 people on Salaries and have all our sub contract trades sorted. We use the same people over and over.

The reason why we are in demand is because 90% of what we do is in an old English heritage style. These houses are always preferred and fetch greater prices on the market as well. Quite unaffordable to the average person because it’s not about putting up 4 plane walls and ceilings. Our are ornate plaster fabrications with detail they only use to do in a bygone era. One ceiling can be worth 10,000 euro on its own, dependant on the detail and other factors. An example. Instead of putting down lights, we would put chandeliers and use more ornate light fittings, often with Czech crystals. And we mix and match between old style and modern fittings. Our light switches are all from the 1900s to1930s era. Each PowerPoint to every switch is about 80 euros a pop. We always use the same electricians who know our style now.

And the level of workmanship is highly specialised.

We are not the kind who will put up aluminium windows, do brick veneer or heeble, basic gyprock, keep wood chip doors and the like. If you come to us saying that’s what you want we will tell you to find someone else. We cater to the English tastes.
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