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The Mind of a Multiple Murderer

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Re: The Mind of a Multiple Murderer

Postby Lordo » Wed May 05, 2021 1:32 pm

Londonrake wrote:
Lordo wrote:I thought all TCs had at least 3 passports.

Looks like you might be down to 2 if GR’s polling gets it’s way. :wink:

After nearly 6 decades I am passed caring. Either have peace or let go and if RoC declares division and recognises TRNC I shall return my passport anyway. I do not wish to want to be somewhere where I am not welcomes. There is an old saying only dogs arrive without an invitation "Daveitsiz yere sadece kopekler gider"

And if that is the case, once I reclaim my properties in the RoC and sell them on, I shall not even pass water in the RoC.
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