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wikileaks turkey

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Re: wikileaks turkey

Postby boomerang » Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:07 pm

C O N F I D E N T I A L ANKARA 000014



E.O. 12958: DECL: 01/05/2020

REF: 09 ANKARA 1718

Classified By: CDA Doug Silliman, for reasons: 1.4 (b,d)

¶1. (C) SUMMARY. Turkish MFA Undersecretary Sinirlioglu on
January 5 passed the Charge a copy of the Turkish Cypriots'
latest proposal on Governance and Power-Sharing that includes
a cross-voting provision to enable Greek Cypriots to have a
10-20 percent weighted vote on Turkish Cypriot candidates for
President and Vice President in the new federation.
Sinirlioglu described this as a significant concession, and
indicated that it had come over the objections of "TRNC Prime
Minister" Eroglu and his National Unity Party (UBP). He also
noted that the proposal contains a "caveat" of granting
Turkey the EU Four Freedoms on Cyprus after a solution -- a
condition likely to be a complicating factor. END SUMMARY.

¶2. (C) On January 5 MFA Undersecretary Sinirlioglu convoked
the Charge, accompanied by POL Counselor, to convey a copy of
the Turkish Cypriot proposal on Governance and Power Sharing
that was passed to Greek Cypriot leader Christofias the
previous day. Deputy Undersecretary Halit Cevik and
Greece/Cyprus Deputy Director General Kerim Uras sat in.
Sinirlioglu noted that the T/C proposal had been handed over
to Christofias in UNSYG Special Advisor Downer's presence.
He said Ankara also had passed a copy to the Spanish EU
Presidency and to the UK, but had asked them to keep it
confidential and not to pass it along to other EU members.
He also asked the USG to maintain the confidentiality of the

¶3. (C) Sinirlioglu noted that Talat (and, by implication,
Ankara) is trying to keep "one step ahead" of the ROC in the
negotiating process, and therefore had decided to yield to
the Greek Cypriot insistence on the principle of cross-voting
-- something which has never existed on Cyprus since its 1960
founding. He said the Turkish Cypriot proposal would allow a
10 percent weighted voting in the first election of the
President and Vice President. This percentage would
ultimately rise to 20 percent. (Note: The proposal's actual
wording states that "the Greek Cypriot votes for the Turkish
Cypriot candidates shall be weighted so that they form the
same percentage as the percentage of the Turkish Cypriot
registered voters in the total number of the Turkish Cypriot
electorate and Greek Cypriot electorate together." End Note)
Sinirlioglu commented that the principle is more important
than the actual percentage, and that Christofias had said
earlier that even one percent would be sufficient.

¶4. (C) Sinirlioglu added that the "caveat" in the proposal is
that Turkey should also be granted the EU Four Freedoms after
a solution. (Note: These are the EU Freedoms of Movement of
Goods, Capital, Services and Persons -- distinct from the
Three Freedoms of Movement, Settlement and Property which
have been laced into the Cyprus talks since the late 1970s.
End Note) He said the granting of EU membership to the Greek
Cypriots in 2004 had altered the balance of power on the
island. Any settlement should reinstitute the original
balance, with a derogation for Turkey to enjoy the EU Four
Freedoms. This point would have to be "negotiated" with the
EU, Sinirlioglu said, but argued that the new proposal
"deserves support" from the USG.

¶5. (C) We asked if "TRNC Prime Minister" Eroglu and his
National Unity Party (UBP) now supported this cross-voting
concept, since we understood that earlier they had strongly
opposed it. Sinirlioglu conceded that UBP "were against it
but have been fully informed" about the latest package. Uras
interjected that the Governance and Power-Sharing proposal
should be seen as a "significant sacrifice" by Turkish
Cypriot leader Talat and the Turkish Cypriots because it was
viewed as such a sensitive issue in the north.

¶6. (C) The Charge said the US has been closely following the
negotiating process and remains cautiously optimistic about a
settlement. He promised to consult with Washington on the
latest proposal. He asked if Ankara has seen any movement on
the calls for a trilateral (Greece, Britain, Turkey) or
quadrilateral (Greece, Turkey, T/C, G/C) meeeting.
Sinirlioglu said the Spanish have been working on the latter
and are optimistic after getting positive initial reactions
from the Greek Cypriots and Greece. On the former, he said
Ankara is still talking to the British to get clarity on

their intentions. "We don't want to give an excuse to anyone
to derail talks on the island." Now is not the time to
discuss issues such as the Treaty of Guarantee, he said.
"Let us first see a light at the end of the negotiating
tunnel." Issues of Governance and Property are more
concrete, he noted.

¶7. (C) A non-paper attached to the draft proposal states that
it contains "other elements which are forward leaning," such
as: changing the T/C position on numerical equality in some
important economic institutions; giving some additional
competences (such as health and antiquities) to the federal
government; giving the federal executive the right to suspend
an agreement of the Constituent States and refer it to the
Constitutional Court, even if this agreement is on a matter
that falls within the competence of the Constituent States.

¶8. (C) COMMENT: It is instructive, and laudable, that Ankara
seems to have supported Talat in this package over the
objections of "PM" Eroglu and his UBP colleagues. The GOT
seems both determined to bridge key differences on this
Governance and Power-Sharing chapter, and also to get credit
from us and the EU for being "forward leaning." The caveat
on granting to Turkey the EU Four Freedoms on Cyprus will
almost certainly be a complicating factor.

¶9. (C) We will scan and transmit the Proposal and non-paper
to EUR/SE.

"Visit Ankara's Classified Web Site at http://www.intelink.s"

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