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the war against Libya

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Re: the war against Libya

Postby Maximus » Thu Feb 13, 2020 2:25 am

The USD has just crossed the TL6 to 1 mark.

The Turkish central bank was spending billions trying to support it there to no avail. The market just soaked it up and has continued going through it.

The fools are throwing good money after bad to try and correct years of mismanagement. While slashing interest rates to try and stimulate loans and economic growth. Explained and said by many economics experts, the Turks are approaching their economic problems in an unorthodox, almost contrary way to what they should be doing given inflation was running rampant. Erdogan wants growth at any cost despite the economy being well over heated and he wrote his own economic theories that he just expects to work. The economy has been gliding on previous momentum, and they think they are recovering.

No, no no. the economy is taking its last gasp as it stands on the precipice of a cliff face...

Investors are dumping the lira and confidence in Turkey is kaput. businesses are falling like domino's and filing for bankruptcy. Unemployment is rising, especially with the youth and these clowns are trying to start wars.

Yeah, its alright to go rogue.......

But when the USD approaches the TL7 mark again and accelerates towards TL10 per Dollar, there will be a big price to pay for all this wrong doing. Their children will have no prospects for the future.

Whats all this about really? For what?

Millions will be thinking about that when any wealth they had depreciates to a pittance and when there is nothing to eat.

Some hard lessons are going to be learnt once it has all been said and done.
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Re: the war against Libya

Postby B25 » Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:21 am

Don't worry Maxi, Erdocunt, will just start another war somewhere just to get his sheep to applaud him and forget about their economic problems.

The tide is turning and all we can hope for is the complete destruction of this cancerous state.

Keep going Erdi boy, you are doing us all a favour. :)
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Re: the war against Libya

Postby Maximus » Tue Feb 18, 2020 4:41 pm

Erdogan is breaking the arms embargo agreement on Libya.

Hafters forces have just bombed a cargo ship that docked in Tripoli carrying arms and ammunition sent from Turkey.

The Libyans ( most of them) see turkeys involvement in the conflict as an act of aggression.

Nothing seems to be going turkeys way. The Syrian army is also battering them in iblid and erdogan lacks support.

Turkey is on its own and can't handle her failed foreign policies on her own.

Mighty turkey eh?
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