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How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Re: 1974

Postby Lordo » Sun Sep 05, 2021 4:56 pm

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Re: 1974

Postby repulsewarrior » Sun Sep 05, 2021 8:06 pm

...thinking of you,

"...and in the Cypriot context, Grivas comes to mind, the good intentions in his original thoughts; talking about power, corruption,and crime.

Cypriots, those of us not "Greek" or "Turkish" must decide silenced as we are by their agendas, whether the time is right for us to speak for ourselves. Despite the decades of having been unnaturally torn apart, Cypriots whether Turkish or Greek Cypriot, remain ignored as a constituency in essence without political representation, being about half the voters in any election on either side of the divide, dismissed as few or non-existent.

Erdogan has given us this opportunity, to speak as one. It seems to me that he is begging for it; what with his own Problem in Turkey with its constituencies (and a need for a BBF)...

..."Picnics", seem appropriate in Cyprus. Cypriots, and under their Flag, the only one that is rightfully theirs, the one that "They" treat as a rag, making souvla peacefully on their beaches (in enosis). Hope for Turks not "Turkish", hope for the rest of us who are not ''Greek'', hope for Cyprus, (Turkey, and beyond).

If this notion of "Turkishness" is to be motivated, it is now, what with Erdogan's need to create a Legacy for himself, what with Turkey's Centennial in two short years, what with his re-election campaign coming soon; Cypriots as Cypriots must speak for themselves, demonstrating their existence, since it appears that their Leadership do not demonstrate this capacity. Let's also remember that this leadership in Cyprus needs the same motivation to change themselves. They should not be able to look out their windows, or while driving in their cars, without seeing the Flag of Cyprus flying highest. our Leadership corrupted, ask yourselves'. Are we the People corrupted, ask yourselves' again.

There is a President out there that will speak to, and for, all Cypriots.

...who dares to say it clearly; the Problem is not an issue of "Greeks" vs. "Turks", nor is it a Cypriot dispute: it is between "Greeks"/ "Turks" against the Greek and Turkish Cypriots opposing them." ... f-courage/
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